Grassfed brellow (clarified beef, bison, or lamb fat) or chicken schmaltz

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16oz glass jar of grassfed, organic brellow or schmaltz.   Brellow is made by clarifying the beef, bison or lamb fat that rises to the top during our bone broths.  This is not true Tallow, as this is fat from many parts of the animal (not just suet fat) and has also been simmering with celery, carrots, onions, and herbs.  This fat is flavorful, nutrient dense, and filled with cell-healing cholesterol and saturated fats.  

Great for sauteing veggies, frying meats, adding to bone broth, sauces, and gravies for depth of flavor.  Solid white at room temperature and melts to the golden brown pictured above.  High smoke point of about 400 degrees F. similar to that of tallow.  Not suitable for making skincare products or to feed to animals because of trace amounts of onions.  

Contains trace amounts of celery, carrots, onions, thyme, parsley, bay, peppercorns.  Does NOT contain salt.  

We save every part of a well tendered animal.