30 Quarts Bone Broth

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***Includes Celtic Sea Salt!***

For those seeking to heal and restore wellness, it is suggested to incorporate TWO-THREE 8 ounce portions of Bone Broth per day.  This supply should last you or your loved one about 60-100 days.  A great HEALING addition for those following a 30-day protocol, fast, or cleanse.

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Flavors:  AZ grass-fed Beef, AZ grass-fed Bison, Pastured Organic Chicken, Pastured Organic Turkey.  Out of season: Pastured Pork & Beef "Hearth" Broth, Grass-fed Veal.  

We are fortunate to live in the great state of Arizona where cattle is one of our three largest export crops.  We have paired with our friends at www.jhgrassfed.com to source our local Cave Creek, AZ 100% grassFED and grassFINISHED lamb and beef bones.  Broth is sold frozen in 32 oz BPA-Free freezer safe plastic.  Filled 28 oz+/- before freezing.

Ingredients: Filtered water, grass-fed/grass-finished beef bones or organic pastured chicken bones, Organic: carrots, celery, onions, apple cider vinegar, parsley, and herbs.  Stores frozen for 6 months and refrigerated for 7 days.  Can be refrozen.

Flavors:  AZ grass-fed Beef, AZ grass-fed Lamb, AZ grass-fed Bison, Pastured Organic Chicken, Pastured Organic Turkey.  Out of season: Pastured Pork & Beef "Hearth" Broth, Grass-fed Veal.