12 Quarts Bone Broth

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Our "Bone Broth Healing Kit" (42 servings).  For those wanting to RESTORE good health we suggest incorporating 8 ounces, twice a day.  Also a great HEALING addition for those following a 30-day protocol, fast, or cleanse.  Stores frozen for 6 months and refrigerated for 7 days.  Can be refrozen. 

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Flavors:  AZ grassfed Beef, AZ grassfed Lamb, Pastured Organic Chicken and Wild Alaskan Fish STOCK (4 hour cook only).  Out of season in Sept: Pastured Pork & Beef "Hearth" Broth with Rosemary (seasonal), Grassfed Veal (seasonal), Pastured Organic Turkey (seasonal), AZ grassfed Bison.

Ingredients: Filtered water, grassFED and grassFINISHED bones or organic pastured bones, Organic: celery, carrot, onion, apple cider vinegar and herbs.  Broth is sold frozen.  Broth is cooled to room temperature before being packaged in 32 oz BPA-Free freezer safe plastic, filled about 28 oz+/- before freezing.